Apache OffRoad HD OffSet Rear Extended Upper Link Set


Our HD Rear Links are engineered to provide maximum protection against damage, maximize travel, increase rear axle articulation, and correct rear axle alignment when installed on lifted trucks and in long travel applications.

Our Upper Control Arms feature an offset design that helps to eliminate binding that is common among many aftermarket brands as well as the factory Control Arms, due to the location and design of the fuel tank on these trucks.

Our Links are ideal for trucks with 2-3.5″ lifts installed and they are KDSS compatible.

Our Offset Design allows for increased clearance, allowing for a substantial reduction in the binding that occurs at full droop where factory upper link makes contact with the gas tank.

All of our Rear Control Arms are fabricated out of DOM Heavy Wall Tube; That’s THICKER than the Competition!

Upper Control Arms- 1.25″ x .25″ DOM Tube

To put this in perspective- Most rock sliders are made out of .120 wall tube, with many brands being made out of Hot Rolled (HREW) tube, which is not as strong as DOM and quite a bit less expensive to use in manufacturing.

Links are Fitted with Apache Multiple Durometer Flex Joints 

  • Maintenance Free, long lasting, quite design
  • Fused PTFE Impregnated Liner- No Grease Needed
  • High Corrosion Resistance, Salt and other corrosive used in northern regions are no longer a worry.
  • Free Floating Sleeve with Multiple Durometers (Hardness levels) of polyurethane- Designed to provide extreme articulation with zero binding.
  • 30 degrees of misalignment


Unlike other links on the market using flex joints, Our flex joints are made specifically for OE mounts; meaning they fit the frame mount without the need to use a washer next to the joint, different hardware, etc.  They are not an off the shelf retrofitted joint.


2 Rear Upper Fixed Control Arms / Links 

Our Control Arms are fixed to alleviate potential common issues seen in adjustable Control Arms; such as separation caused by a loosening jam nut. Our Control Arms do not require frequent / regular maintenance. Installation is a breeze with no guessing as to where the adjuster needs to be set.


** Installation Notes**

Upper Links- Use pictures for reference, best way to explain it is to position the link so that the open space is facing down. You want to create more space between the upper link and gas tank. These are non directional, you may use either link on either side.

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